Month: November 2017

What Are the Best Places to Live in Colorado You Can Move to?

Are you looking to relocate and in need of some options regarding the best places to live in Colorado? When it comes to this area of the country you’ll find that the past few years have been very kind to those who go to cities like Denver and Boulder looking for employment and high quality apartments to rent or buy.

However, when it comes to selecting the best area to live in, you’ll have to dig a little deeper. Your personal preferences also play an important role here, and it won’t always be easy to choose between two or more areas that both seem like they offer the best living conditions.


Living in Colorado can bring you many important advantages. First of all, you will have the freedom to choose between several practical industries to work in. Whether you’re interested in construction, engineering, IT or management, there are countless jobs in Colorado, and the unemployment rate is lower than in most places throughout the country.


Also, when you live in Colorado you will have access to high quality homes and safer neighborhoods, as well as some of the best schools in the country. Here you and your family can truly thrive.


If you want to move to one of the best places to live in Colorado, the following cities, suburbs and small towns should provide you with the most lucrative options, whether you want to move alone or with your entire family:


  • The town of Superior is true to its name, being considered as one of the most livable locations in the entire state of Colorado. This area has higher than average rent prices, but also has one of the highest scores when it comes to quality of life. Superior is great when it comes to taxes, with an income tax of only 8.21%, and it has great weather, good employment solutions and outstanding venues you can visit with the entire family.
  • Another great place to move to is Cherry Hill Village, a small suburb of Denver with a population of just under 6,000. This area has one of the lowest crime rates in Colorado, and it’s considered to be one of the most livable neighborhoods in the Denver area.
  • If you don’t want to pay too much for real estate, but you’re still looking for the best living areas in Colorado, consider the city of Boulder. Recent advancements in manufacturing and the large number of large companies moving to Boulder and the surrounding areas have led to an increase in construction and high-paid jobs. These days Boulder is counted among the best places to live for the liberal outdoorsman.
  • Finally, residents living in Evans have a much lower commute time than anywhere else in Colorado, and the city has a surprisingly low 7.7% sales tax. Whether you want to start a business, raise a family, or just get a new job and a home with a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains, Evans should definitely be on your list of places to move to.


These are only a few of the most exciting places to consider moving to when you want to relocate to Colorado. Although not all of them might be affordable, you’ll find that there is no shortage of available high paying jobs in the area.