Month: July 2018

The Features and Benefits of Using Modern Commercial Appraisal Report Writing Software Solutions

Commerical Property Valuation

Putting together a sufficiently detailed and objective commercial appraisal report, a document that provides all the information requested by the client and that meets all the formal and content-related requirements takes lots of skills and knowledge and it is often a tedious and time-consuming process. Appraisal reports can serve many different purposes – the document can be for a prospective seller, looking for a document that helps determine the best selling price, it may serve the purposes of mortgage lending, whether it is used to support negotiations, business dissolutions, tax assessments, corporate mergers or it may be commissioned for a property acquisition project launched by the government or for the assessment of damages caused by extreme weather or contamination, but whatever the purpose, the commercial appraisal report is an essential document the accuracy of which cannot be questionable.

The more complex the document, the more difficult it is to prepare, but fortunately for today’s appraisers, there are lots of software solutions that can help them stay on top of all the details and descriptions to be included in the report. With the help of commercial appraisal report writing software packages, appraisers can easily prepare documents that are properly detailed, well-structured and edited to look attractive and easy to read – here are a few of the most important features of these modern software solutions.

Simple to Use

The best report writing programs are intuitive and they come with a very short learning curve that is made even shorter by the easy to understand instruction manuals.


Most commercial property appraisers have already developed their own report format, the format that they want to keep using. The best report writing programs come with lots of customizable options that allow the users to stick to their preferred format. The programs also provide the consistency expected of professional appraisal reports, allowing the user to do more work of the highest quality in a much shorter amount of time.

Complex Solutions for Any Type of Report

Whether the report to be prepared is a full report, complete with descriptions, analysis, explanations and data or a restricted-use report requested by the client for the purpose of determining the value of the property, the best report writing software makes the process of compiling the document quick and easy. Most of these tools use a spreadsheet-like input and an output that looks like text written in a word processing program.

Software Types

Report writing software packages are available in web-based and desktop versions to allow the users to choose the most comfortable media for writing their reports. Cloud-based solutions and desktop programs are similar in terms of functionality, the difference between them consisting mainly in the type of storage used for the documents – an online storage space accessible from any device and from anywhere in the case of the web-based programs and the user’s own device in the case of desktop programs. Both type of products are offered in demo versions, so you can try out several programs before you pick the one that works best for you and pay for it.