Month: April 2019

What Should A Typical Move Cost Me?

Moving your entire household is not only a stressful process – you will also need to prepare for the costs. According to statistical data, the costs of moving an average-sized household from one state to another, over a distance of around 1,200 miles can cost anywhere between approximately 4,000 and 10,000, but there are lots of factors that influence the overall costs – here are some.

The Type of Service that You Hire the Movers for

You can hire moving companies in Wheat Ridge to provide full service or you can hire them for the transport only. Full-service moving includes the assessment of the special requirements related to your belongings and the evaluation of the risks of handling valuable items, such a special hot tub or a very heavy safe as well as the packing, the loading and the unloading of your belongings. If you need extensive furniture disassembly and assembly of the same items at the new location, hiring a full moving service is the best way. However, the cost of such comprehensive services can be several times the price that you will have to pay for transport only.

The Distance

Most moving companies in Wheat Ridge charge hourly fees for the transport, which also means that the longer the distance between your old and new property, the more you will pay for the move. If your new home is in the same town or city as your old home, you can hire local movers. Most of them provide loading, transport and unloading services and they charge hourly rates for any activity that they do.

The Size of Your Current Home

The more things you have, the more you will have to pay for moving them. The contents of a one-bedroom apartment will fit into a smaller container, while a four-bedroom family home will obviously one or several larger containers, which will increase the price. The contents of a large house also take longer to load and unload, so you will need to pay more worked hours, too.

The Complexity of the Process

Many moving companies charge extra fees for special circumstances, such as narrow staircases that make the moving of furnishing items difficult.

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The Company You Hire

Not all companies practice the same rates or include the same services into their base package, so it is a good idea to get cost estimates from at least three or four different companies before you pick your service. Discuss every detail with each of the moving companies in Wheat Ridge to allow them to provide a cost estimate that is as detailed and as accurate as possible and take your time to evaluate the quotes in terms of safety and security as well (how the keys and locks of the cargo container or containers are handled, who holds the keys, how the safety of your fragile items is guaranteed, and so on).

Factor in Accommodation Prices for Long Distances

If the distance between your old home and your new one is so long that it cannot be covered in one day, you will have to pay for hotel rooms as you go as well, so don’t leave out those expenses from the calculations. If you load your belongings onto a truck driven by the mover’s employee and you follow the truck in your own car or you fly to your destination, add the fuel expenses or the price of the air ticket as well.