How Do I Get Rid of Water in My Basement?

Having water in your basement causes not only an unpleasant smell in the space and damage to the belongings that you store down there – it can also lead to the appearance of mold in the basement as well as upstairs and of damage to your home’s major systems, including the electrical system, which can be life threatening. This also means that no excess moisture in your basement should be neglected – here is how to get rid of water in your basement space.

Pay Attention to Safety

Water and electricity make a dangerous combination, so avoid handling any device that uses electricity while standing in water. If your basement has been flooded and you need to go down there, put on rubber boots that are at least knee-high and stay away from any wires, cables and devices that use electricity and seem wet. The best way to prevent electrical shock is to turn off the electricity in the basement – if you need light down there, use a torch.

Try to Identify the Source of the Water

The water that has inundated your basement can come from many sources – it can be caused by a flood, by excessive raining or by burst pipes somewhere in the plumbing system. While you probably cannot stop a flood or heavy rain, if you suspect that the water in your basement comes from your plumbing pipes, stop the water supply as soon as you can.

Denver water damage company

Call a Denver Water Damage Restoration Company

These companies are the first respondents to turn to if your basement stands in water. They can also provide asbestos abatement in Colorado. These specialized Denver water damage service providers have professional knowledge and experience in safe and efficient water damage restoration and they use the latest technologies, such as powerful pumps and equipment for drying the floor and the walls in your basement, to make damage restoration safe and fast.

Most water damage restoration companies operate their own website, so a quick query will give you lots of results. It is a good idea to check the background of the companies on your results page quickly – look for a company that is licensed in your state, provides emergency services and round the clock customer service and one that has excellent ratings and reviews as well. The other way to find a reliable water damage clean-up company quickly is by turning to the agent or the independent broker that handles your home insurance policy – insurance companies work with their own approved contractors, so your insurance representative will surely be able to help.

Ideally, the damage restoration team that you have called will arrive quickly. The team will inspect the damaged area, then you will have the opportunity to discuss the details of the water elimination job. The process will probably involve the use of pumps powered by a generator, followed by the use of drying equipment. In most cases, follow-up and further work is also required to restore your basement – some water damage repair companies are licensed to perform construction work as well, while others handle the water elimination process, which means that you might have to look for a basement restoration company for the final phase.