How to Update Your Kitchen in a Timeless Fashion


Tips On How To Have A Timeless Kitchen

Fashions and trends come and go. But you cannot afford to remodel and redecorate your home once every 2-3 years. And, frankly, you probably do not like all the passing fads. However, just like a classic cut suit, there are styles of furnishing and decorating your home that never go out of fashion.


It would take too long to go in detail through every room in your house, so in this article we will focus on the kitchen. It is a central place for every family. This is where food is cooked. This is where the fridge is. This is where you keep snacks, fruit and sweets. Everyone spends some time in the kitchen, even if they do not actually eat there.


Give Your Kitchen a Timeless Look

First of all, let us understand this concept a bit. What does a timeless look really mean? It has to do with time honored traditions of furnishing and equipping a kitchen, items, materials and color patterns that were tested and tried by generations. They proved to be durable, dependable, and to allow a good usability of the kitchen.


We will not go deeper in the theory of esthetics, because it would not be helpful for you. Instead, we will give you practical advice on how to update your kitchen in a timeless fashion.


  1. Use a Neutral Color Scheme

White, cream, beige, brown and grey are neutral colors and they are ideal for a timeless look. Why is it so? The most obvious reason is that they are the colors of natural materials used for building kitchen furnishings and decorations: wood, stone and metal.


These materials will never go out of fashion because they are sturdy, safe for use in a place where food is kept and prepared and easily recyclable. Plus, neutral colors are easy on the eye, do not cause fatigue and give a sense of calm and harmony.


  1. Opt for High Quality Materials

A timeless kitchen is a kitchen that lasts for years. This is why our grandfathers used oak wood for the tables and cabinets and flagstones for the floor. Natural and sturdy materials are more expensive than artificial replacements, but they also last much longer. Buying cheaper items is false economy. They will need to be replaced after a few years. Plus, they tend to follow the current trend in design and color, something that does not meet the standards of a timeless look.


  1. Invest in Retro Appliances

Retro appliances are by no means used items. They are brand new, but they are designed to look like those made in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The main characteristic of vintage kitchen appliances is the white color (as opposed to the stainless steel finish of modern appliances).


Also, vintage appliances have rounded corners and are smaller in size. They integrate nicely even into small kitchens and are easier to clean and maintain in proper working condition.


  1. Replace Cabinets with Shelves

Kitchen remodel Denver showroom designs change frequently. However, something will always stay functional and trendy: the classic shelf attached to the wall. Shelves are easy to clean and will offer you easy access to plates, bowls, glasses, etc.


  1. Copper Accents

A copper cooking pot and a coffee kettle are welcome additions to a timeless looking kitchen. This is a reliable and sturdy material for cooking vessels and has a pleasant color, that integrates nicely with the rest of the natural materials in your kitchen.