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What Does A Typical Storage Unit Rental Cost?

Renting storage space is an excellent solution for your temporary or long-term storage needs. You might be faced with various situations that require you to move your items to a storage unit – if you must leave your old home before your new place is ready for being occupied; if your company archives exceed the storage capacity of your corporate premises or if you are moving to a smaller home, but you don’t want to toss the belongings that don’t fit into your new home, renting a suitably sized storage unit is the most comfortable solution.

Self storage Fort Smith AR providers offer various payment plans and the price you will have to pay for your unit is also determined by many other factors – here are some details.

The Unit Features that Will Influence the Price

According to the statistics, the average monthly rate charged for a 5 x 5 foot storage unit, the smallest standard size available, is between $40- $50, while the fees for a larger, 10 x 15 foot unit is around $75- $140. However, sizing is not the only factor that influences pricing – here are some more:

  • The location of the facility – storage unit facilities are a type of real estate and they work like real estate in many respects. The price you will have to pay for your rented unit will be determined by the geographical area in which the facility is located. Storage space is usually cheaper in rural areas than in large cities; some cities are more expensive than others and prices are also influenced by the neighborhood in the town or the city in which the facility is located;
  • The location of your unit within the facility – outdoor units are usually large, but they offer limited weather protection, therefore they are cheaper than indoor units;
  • Temperature control and climate control – most storage space providers offer two types of indoor units: temperature-controlled units that come with stable ambient temperatures and climate-controlled units that add humidity control and are also equipped with very efficient, complex ventilation systems. The units available in temperature-controlled facilities are usually cheaper (though more expensive that outdoor units), while climate-controlled space rentals are more expensive.

self storage Fort Smith AR

The Level of Security Offered by the Facility

The more secure the storage facility premises, the higher the monthly rates. The units in facilities monitored permanently with surveillance cameras and by human guards are the most expensive to rent and if you need extra insurance for your rented unit will also add costs.

The Payment Plans that You Choose

The most common way to pay for storage unit is through month to month payments, but that is also the most expensive solution. Many self storage Fort Smith AR facilities offer considerable discounts if you pay in advance for several months or if you decide to pay for an entire year in advance. Storage space providers also have promotions that give you discounted prices for specific types of units or for specific periods, so it is a great idea to shop around a bit before choosing your provider.