Why Should You Consider Commuting from Centerton to Bentonville AR?

It’s not always necessary to live in the same city you work in. There are many examples when commuting actually makes sense, and many people embrace the idea of commuting quite readily when it means that they can live in the area they prefer, rather than living close to a noisy industrial complex, for example.

While that might not be the case when it comes to Bentonville AR, there are many people who are choosing to work in this growing Arkansas city, while moving house to one of the other towns in the region – particularly a small town of roughly 16,000 inhabitants known as Centerton.

Why Is Centerton Becoming Popular?

In just under 10 years since the previous census, the population in Centerton AR has almost doubled. The growing city is still considered somewhat of a smaller town, and its population is still about 3-4 times lower than that of Bentonville. However, when it comes to the location, geography and the family-friendly qualities associated with Centerton, moving there definitely becomes a viable option.

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Many experts believe that, especially during the stressful times we are living now, it’s very important to choose the place you live carefully. While there might not be a huge difference between the two cities, there is a difference when considering the fact that Centerton is an overall quiet and relaxing location. Centerton apartments near me offer affordable, upscale living, and offer many luxury amenities like exercise facilities, pools, beautiful common areas, and tennis courts.

Locals praise Centerton as having a very good approach towards welcoming families that are seeking to settle down. The school system is extremely good, so families can choose between excellent schools to send their children to, and the people are very friendly.

Of course, the community is still in its infancy so-to-speak, and is considered small even by Arkansas standards. The median income is below $40k, and although there are growing opportunities for employment, Centerton isn’t the best place to work if you want to focus on greatly improving your career.

Commuting to Bentonville – Your Best Choice

The median income, the job opportunities and the dynamics of the metropolitan area associated with Bentonville AR all point to the city being an exceptional choice for anyone trying to build a career. The city is growing quite fast, similar to Centerton, but it is known to favor nightlife and focus somewhat less on promoting a quiet, family-centered lifestyle. If you’re single and you love to go out on the town, then Bentonville is definitely a great choice. However, for families trying to raise children and workers who want to spend most of their day in a peaceful setting, the area simply can’t compete with Centerton.

Finding work in Bentonville and commuting from Centerton seems to be the ideal choice. Whether you plan to work in industry, commerce or just about any other line of business, Bentonville is likely to have any type of work you’re looking for. Just imagine having that fast-paced job you always wanted, but staying in one of the tranquil residential areas of Centerton AR and enjoying a fun and peaceful life together with your family. It simply doesn’t get any better than that.