Booking Your First Self Storage Unit: How Easy Is It to Rent the Best Storage?

Storing your goods is easier than it ever was, but just how straightforward is the process of determining the storage service you need and booking your storage unit? In the following, we will explore these details and help you create a practical checklist with everything you’ll need to consider before renting your own Colorado Springs storage unit for the first time.

The Type of Storage Unit You Will Need

Depending on what you want to store, for how long, and whether or not you need to move your storage unit from one place to the other, there are various types of storage units you can consider.

Mini storage is available as an affordable solution for your smallest items, while climate-controlled and refrigerated storage will be required if you store anything like special substances that require a controlled environment. Portable storage includes movable storage compartments you can transport between cities if necessary, and you can also consider extra large units designed with vehicles, boats and large equipment in mind.

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What Are the Main Amenities and Benefits You Require?

If you want to store your valuables in a self storage unit, you already know you’ll need good security. This might mean a heavy duty lock, an advanced alarm system, a security camera and more. Other Colorado Springs storage amenities can also include 24/7 access, drive up access, climate control, outdoor storage and even wine storage.

How Much Stuff Will You Want to Store?

It’s important to know in advance how many items you want to store and how large they are. Self storage companies need this information to determine what size storage unit you need. You can also get a rough estimate by calculating it yourself.

Typically, the standard sizes that are most frequently available for self storage units include 5×5, 5×10, 5×15, 10×10, 10×15, as well as larger sizes such as 10×20, 10×25 and 10×30.

Considering Your Budget

Finally, you have to know your budget before renting a storage unit. How much money are you willing to spend, and how long will you need the unit for? These details, along with the information you already know about the size of your unit and the amenities you want to choose will help you determine roughly how much you have to spend. Compare that amount with the budget you have at your disposal, and you can have a general estimate of what you might be able to rent with the money you currently have.

Rent Online vs. in Person

Of course it’s always best to rent your storage units in person, but if you don’t have that option right now – since you might not have the time or you’re out of town at the moment – you can also use various online tools to compare prices, select your storage company and even book your preferred unit online.

Even in the case of online booking, you will of course, still have to meet up with the storage provider in person so they can give you your keys and show you to your storage unit. However, most of the formalities can be handled via the internet, through the use of online tools, and even by phone.