How to Find a Great Office Space in Denver


How To Find The Best Denver Office Space Rental


Are you putting the last touches to your plan of opening a business? There is one big step in this plan that you should prepare for carefully: finding a great Denver office space rental. Even from its early days, your business needs an office, even if a small one. You need a professional environment to meet with potential partners, suppliers, employees or investors.


How Hard Is It to Find Office Space?

The answer depends entirely on your budget. If money is not an issue, you can get settled tomorrow in a premium office building. However, this scenario is very unlikely, so you need to find an office that you can afford.


There are two ways to approach this issue. One is to hire a real estate agency to search for an adequate office space for your business. However, this can take some time. The smaller your budget, the lower your case will be on their priority list.


The other option is to start exploring your options on your own. This will take time, so make sure that you set aside an hour or two every day for office space hunting.


Now, let us show you where you must look:


  1. People You Know and Trust

The simplest way is to let everyone in your network know that you are looking for office space in Denver. Tell your relatives, friends, neighbors and even former co-workers. People hear of various opportunities all the time, even when they are not really looking for the information.


Make sure that you tell these people how much you afford to pay and what type of office you are looking for. You don’t want to get a recommendation for a container office, somewhere near a construction site, for example.


  1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media

Facebook and LinkedIn are particularly useful if you are looking for office space in Denver. A simple search will reveal pages for developers, business hubs and business incubators in your area.


The great thing about social media is that you are not fishing in the dark. Business pages have reviews and comments from other entrepreneurs who leased office space in those buildings. Thus, you can form a quick idea on how professional and affordable those office spaces are.


  1. Join Local Business Forums

Business forums are great online meeting places for entrepreneurs. They discuss and share advice on topics of interests, such as finding office spaces in Denver. Once again, you have the advantage of their prior experience.


  1. Search for Co-working and Shared Office Spaces

A simple Google search will show you all that Denver has to offer in terms of co-working spaces. This is a very flexible and affordable option if you have a small budget available and don’t need an office every day. Since this type of office spaces are rented by the day or by hour, you will pay only for the amount of time you actually are in the office.


Also, shared office spaces offer you great opportunities to network, attend business events, and find either business partners or employees for your company.